Keep your sales pipeline clean & your lead scores current

Detect bad leads right away, and always know who’s likeliest to buy, with Anzer’s highly advanced AI lead scoring algorithm.

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Get reliable lead scores that reflect buyer activity & intent

With Anzer’s continual data capture and updates, you can be sure you’re focusing your efforts on quality leads with the highest sales potential.

Improve accuracy with detailed forensics

Anzer digs deeper to unearth company revenue and funding timelines, job titles, employment tenure, and more—all within legal limits.

Keep your CRM up-to-date throughout the sales cycle

Anzer will track and report phone and meeting interactions to keep lead scoring and qualification current.

Score and qualify leads with a greater degree of insight

Using an IP address or contact information, Anzer can capture and analyze a wealth of data for every new lead.

  • Contact enrichment and email validation
  • Lead and company monitoring
  • Anzer Trust Score to gauge potential business risk

Manage leads on your terms, and recalibrate as needed

Set parameters based on your ideal customer profile, competitors, and more, and let Anzer do the rest.

  • Customizable AI lead scoring and qualification algorithm
  • Anzerbase™ Intelligence Platform for managing business rules and sales data
  • Advanced analytics and reports for ongoing process improvement

Drive revenue easily with superior AI lead scoring & qualification and more

Discover how Anzer can help increase efficiency, optimize the buyer’s journey, and transform your sales metrics.


Website Visitor Tracking

Capture detailed lead and company information from across the web—all within regulatory compliance.


Conversational AI

Answer buyers’ questions with error-free, human-in-the-loop technology and clickwrap agreements as needed.


Data Enrichment

Keep your lead data robust and accurate so you can engage appropriately and smooth the path to purchase.


Personalized Customer Journeys

From initial website visit through closing, ensure a uniquely tailored buying experience.


Sales Intelligence

Improve your sales strategies and sharpen your competitive edge with more advanced analytics.


Sales Pipeline Management

Route and track leads, get precise sales timing signals, and reduce risks to your business.


Team Onboarding & Coaching

Use conversation intelligence to help your sales team achieve consistency and maximize their potential.


Anzerbase™ Intelligence Platform

Capture and manage your most sensitive data in a single platform offering advanced intel and ironclad security.

See how Anzer can increase your pipeline

Identify and engage high-value leads, get superior market and sales intelligence, and move to close deals with precision timing.

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