Take the guesswork out of sales 

Get accurate, timely insights on your sales pipeline and competitors. With more data and advanced analytics, you can better understand your prospects, improve your market strategies, and transform your KPIs.

Capture sales-related data 24/7 to stay on top of performance, opportunities & risks

Anzer offers superior insights by harnessing the power of predictive modeling.

1 Anzer continuously updates data from your CRM, website, and sales conversations as well as social media, review sites, the deep/dark web, and more.

2 With Anzer’s proprietary predictive modeling technology, you can anticipate buyers’ needs and uncover new opportunities and threats as they emerge.

3 Anzer offers customizable at-a-glance views of lead status, sales funnel activity, market and competitor updates, and much more, as well as alerts and tools for timely action.

Illuminate your sales pipeline like never before

Make sales pipeline management easier than ever. Understand your prospects on a deeper level, and predict the very hour they’re ready to buy. 

  • Website visitor tracking 
  • Lead monitoring, scoring & qualification, and routing 
  • Precise sales timing signals 
  • Advanced analytics & reports 

Sharpen your sales performance and competitive edge

Empower your sales team to boost win rates & deal sizes by arming them with valuable insights from sales conversations, competitive intelligence, and actionable buyer data. 

  • Competitor tracking 
  • Conversation intelligence 
  • Customizable views, notifications, and tools 

Get intelligent insights quickly, so you can close more deals

Put Anzer Insights to work

From the moment a prospect visits your website, Anzer starts projecting the path to a sale so your team can close deals faster and more easily.


Lead Scoring & Qualification

Prioritize leads based on your criteria and ensure a consistently reliable process.



View and analyze your opportunities, pipeline, and market in real time.


Team Onboarding & Coaching

Use conversation intelligence to help your reps perfect their sales pitch.


Sales Pipeline Management

Intelligently rout leads and predict sales readiness with pinpoint accuracy.

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